Why the Building and Pest Inspection is important…



As we start moving back into the property buying season, it was only fitting that we cover one of the most important aspects of the property purchase process. The building and pest inspection…


Building and Pest Inspection reports cover a range of areas. They need to be brutal and matter of fact and they will almost always present with many issues. Many of these will be general maintenance areas that will need attention, however some may be more serious. You should note that everything can be fixed and repaired.


Unfortunately the industry is not regulated and anyone can become a building inspector, therefore it is important that you choose someone with plenty of experience. Our recommendation is to choose a builder and especially one that has had previous experience with repairs and renovations. More often than not, there is nothing that these more experienced builders have not seen. Although anyone with a pulse can become a building inspector, reports must conform with the Australian Standards and are required to cover many areas.


The main reason I think it is extremely important to engage in these types of services before going unconditional in your property purchase is because inspectors are not emotionally attached to your purchase and will give you their unbiased opinion. When the average buyer inspects a property they are generally looking at it aesthetically and thinking of how and where their furniture will fit once they move in.


What are inspectors looking for? Initially it is the tell tale signs of underlying issues… Things such as springing/bounce in floor, door jam gaps, cracks in cornices, finishes and WATER. Water is the root of all evil in property.


Another great reason to get the property inspected is so that you can obtain a professional opinion about all the remodelling and renovations that you have already imagined and planned. Remember that relocating plumbing can get very expensive… As mentioned above, a building inspector with building experience will be able to quickly give you an idea of costs of your remodelling ideas and help you quickly decide if it will be feasible.


So what does a building and pest inspection cost? We have found that prices as of 2015 varied across cities, however you would expect to pay between $500 and $700. A very small price to pay for piece of mind!


Once the report is received, this is generally now your last chance to negotiate. If there are minor repairs to be made, your settlement can be subjected to these problems rectified by the seller. If there are major issues to the property, this is your chance to back out (providing that your contract of sale is subject to building and pest inspection) or negotiate the final price.


Looking for a Building and Pest Inspector? Get in contact, we would be more than happy to point you in the right direction.

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