Uber Car – Rent, Finance or Buy?

Here is how we help Uber drivers get into their own car!

We have access to a unique funder that specialises in funding Uber drivers their vehicles. Here is what happens…

– You choose the vehicle you require.

– We apply for funding through financier.

– Once approved, you sign a 12-month agreement.

– The financier purchases the vehicle outright on your behalf.

– You pay the financier a weekly rental to use the equipment.

– After 12 months, you have a number of options…

Once the 12-month term is up, you have 4 options, they are; purchase, return, continue renting and own agreement.

Purchase: at any point in the rental term, you can pay for the vehicle in full without penalty. If you pay in full within the first 12 months, you will receive a 75% net rental rebate on the purchase price.

Return: If after the first 12 months, the vehicle is no longer suitable or you have changed your mind about Uber, you can give the vehicle back to the financier without any penalty.

Continue Renting: After the first 12 months, you can simply continue renting. You will still have the option to purchase the vehicle and receive a generous rental rebate.

Own Agreement: After the first 12 months, you can switch to a three-year Own Agreement. With this agreement, you continue to rent the vehicle for up to 30% less per week. At the end of the agreement, you can purchase the vehicle at a nominal figure.

There are many tax incentives associated with acquiring a vehicle through this avenue. Unfortunately, I am not able to give you advice in this field, however, your accountant would be able to confirm this.

All we need to get something like this approved for you is the following:

  1. Completed Rental App
  2. Colour copy of driver’s license and Medicare card.
  3. Uber confirmation
  4. Bank Statement


If you are currently looking to get into driving Uber or you are renting a vehicle without the benefits outlined above, please get in contact.


Dim – The Bare Broker

dim@thebarebroker.com   –  0481 335 444



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