Budgeting Tips For The Holiday Season



The silly season can be fun, but it could also leave you with a financial hangover. Thankfully, with a little preparation and creativity you can still enjoy it, and keep your home loan on track.


Give wisely

You’re probably not the only person feeling the pinch, so why not suggest a Secret Santa. You can spend a little more giving one person what they really want. If you can’t bring everyone on board, make the most of online coupons that can now be used to buy everything from a discounted massage to bonus movie tickets. And if you’re feeling creative, a handmade present is both light on the wallet and an extra-special keepsake.



Feast not famine

Putting on Christmas dinner doesn’t have to cost the earth. Rather than shopping at your local supermarket, try grabbing a bargain at specialist discount stores that offer deals on bulk purchases for both food and drink. You can also save yourself stress by hosting a potluck meal, where each guest brings their specialty dish.


Reinvent your holiday

You deserve a holiday, so why not plan a ‘staycation’? You can save on travel expenses and have the added advantage of seeing your town through the eyes of a tourist. If you want to travel further afield, house swaps let you see what life is like in a new place while saving on accommodation costs. When you’re booking air tickets, shop around for dates and times, as there can be considerable savings if travelling on particular days such as Christmas Day, and on red-eye flights. And don’t forget to check the reward points on your credit card or frequent flyer card – there may be enough to cover your journey.


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